About Walden

What are the Walden Internet Villages?

In mid 1997, Walden of Westchase began its journey towards becoming the holy grail of geekdom by installing a high speed LAN with a 10 megabit ATM connection to the Internet. Two years later, this visionary idea of bringing together the highest of living standards with the most advanced technology has resulted in 5 Internet enabled communities in Houston, TX, now know as the Walden Internet Villages.

Imagine a home crafted with the highest standards of design. Set that in a lush tropical garden-oasis reminiscent of the hidden paradises found in the world's hidden jungles. Finally, add a 100 megabit switched network that enables you to communicate, collaborate and contribute with your employer or with family and friends, all from the comfort of your home. That's our Integrated Living Environment. That's Walden Internet Villages at Westchase.

Again, It's not just the bandwidth, its the community!

What do we mean by community, you may be asking?  Simple. People work together, play together, hang out together. Why? It is because they share the same interests, same passions, same professional interests. That's what our community is all about, the coming together of like people. We are using the Internet to bring people who are close together geographically closer together socially.

What do Walden Residents do?

While many of the residents at Walden Internet Villages share a passion for computers, the community is very diverse. Some work in design and multimedia, some are programmers and some are musicians. Whatever their talent, Walden has an environment that encourages them to share their skills and collaborate.


Sketch of Walden's Internet Cafe by Christian Carroll, Walden resident.

Cutting Edge Facilities.

Such is our desire to foster collaboration, that we opened a Walden Internet Villages Café. At this café, residents have access to a modern, cozy lounge with a spacious hi-tech computer lab with 40 100 megabit internet connections to our burstable OC3, a coffee and beverage bar to satisfy java and snack cravings, and a multimedia theater with a 120" screen to watch movies.

Cutting Edge Services.

Want to bet we are the only apartment community that boasts servers for Quake 3 Arena, Counterstrike, Tribes 2 and almost any mainstream video game!?    In fact the only people we know who make us look shabby are the residents.    Walden is lucky to have one of its residents provide an 8-way Xeon 1Ghz machine as a game server.    Other residents have been known to house Compaq Prolient 5500, 6500 and 8500, mainly used for game servers.

Other specialized services Walden provides to its residents are DNS entries, static IPs, multiple email accounts, community news groups, mailing lists and access to high-end peripherals.


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