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by Christian Carroll 

The gaming community and Walden Internet Villages is a match made in heaven...or is it hell?

I thought a T-1 connection was fast!  This awesome 10Mb/sec connection allows every resident here to be an LPB!  (If you don't know what an LPB is, then your not a gamer, so don't worry about it.) 

Whatever your game of choice, whether it's a first-person shooter like Doom 3,  Half-life 2, or Tribes 2; a strategy game like Starcraft or AOE; or a role-playing adventure game like Baldur's Gate, Everquest 2, or World of Warcraft; if the game you play has a multiplayer internet option at all, this is definitely the place for you!


The Gamer's Circle is a website being created specifically for the gaming community at the Walden, giving the resident gamers a centralized location for the latest game news, schedule, patches, and trash talk.


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