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What would guys at research labs, prestigious universities, and major corporations salivate over? This question we asked ourselves, when we began designing the LANs and WANs of Walden Internet Villages.

We learned two very fundamental things from that question. First and first most, that inquisitive, investigative and resourceful people want freedom to learn, to explore and to do what hasn't been done before. Secondly, they want access to equipment and technologies normally outside the realm of mere mortals.

Those two premises meant that our network design had to be bleeding edge and had to be open.

It is.

Walden´s advanced Metropolitan Area Network

What makes or breaks an internet service is always the bandwidth. How fast can you really go. Our goal in the design of Walden's MAN and Internet backbone was simple enough: "Lets give em' so much bandwidth that its their computer that becomes the bottleneck". We think we did that.

Each Walden property scheduled to go online will have a 45 megabit ATM connection, over fiber, to the Network Operation Center of Time Warner Telecommunications. There they will share a 45 megabit capacity to the Internet and enjoy 45 megabit access to each other. Yes, while most companies are expounding the joys of the mighty T1, Walden internet Villages put you in the driver´ seat of a T3 (thirty T1s put together).

the technology behind these ATM connections is XYLAN´s Omni-Switch chassis (pictured above). The ATM card in this chassis provides rapid, seamless conversion from ATM cells to Ethernet frames, routing our traffic from WAN to LAN.


Walden's Local Area Network (LAN)

Knowing that Walden would attract many hardcore computer enthusiasts who routinely push their PC to its limits, we sought to design a Local Network that could stand being pushed 100% 24/7. How did we do this? Gigabit Backbones and layer 3 10/100 switches.

Each XYLAN Omni-switch Chassis at Walden has a 23 gigabit backplane at its core, allowing for up to 224 hundred megabit connections simultaneously. These chassis also boast Layer 3 switching also known as hardware routing. This means that rather than route local traffic through software, special chips have been designed to route packets at speeds of up to 2 million packets per second. xylan3

On properties where distance limits our use of a central chassis, Omni-stack 10/100 layer three switches are employed, with OC-3 (155 megabit fiber) uplinks to a switch with a 4 gigabit backplane.

Regardless of the property you choose, Walden Internet Villages puts you on a fast, bleeding edge network, engineered with excellence and overkill in mind.


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