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    Internet Advantages

Impressive 100Mbps fiber-optic Fast Ethernet Backbone (10/100* Mbps Switched to Each Unit):
A property-wide Fast Ethernet LAN complete with indoor & outdoor connections. Surf the Internet from your apartment or while tanning poolside on your own 10/100* Mbps pipe !

Furiously Fast Full-time Internet Access:
Tired of waiting for your next download? Then access the Information Superhighway from the Autobahn! Set the cruise control for blazingly fast Internet access via our fast connections.

'Real-Time' Multi-Player Games:
Enjoy lightning-fast response times - and your unfair advantage against opponents - thanks to unmatched ping times.  Play all of the latest online games including Tribes 2, Doom 3, Everquest 2, and more as if the servers were part of your Local Area Network!  You will be the envy of every gaming fanatic on the Internet.  Once you have conquered the Net, bring the battle home to our bi-monthly LAN parties, and test your skills on the level playing field of a 100 Mbps switched internal LAN

Host a Home Page:
Always wanted to setup your own home (complex) page(s) or server ? Just do it !
Perform Demanding Functions and Tasks: Need to run an oil rig in Siberia, operate a communications satellite in the sky, analyze geophysical data from a remote site, work on CAD, graphic or 3D drawings and designs; interpret radiographic images - with your high-speed connection, you can operate essentially as if you were at the host site or at the main control point - all from your extraordinary office-home environment.


Interactive Collaboration:
Work together on shared applications with a geographically dispersed group of colleagues

Desktop Video Conferencing:
Share ideas with friends and business associates across town or across the globe with real-time video conferencing

Mini-Business Center*:
Use our available meeting area for conferences, and our phone, fax, and copier for your business in-office support and backup needs.

Walden Internet Cafe*:
Imagine a cross between an upscale coffee house, a diner, and a theater... then throw in a few computers connected to the Internet at ultra high speeds.  Bring all of these elements together in one place and you'll probably have a pretty good idea of what the Walden Internet Cafe is all about.

Curious to Internet Savvy:
Use the capabilities and facilities of our unique environment to progressively move yourself from the Internet, telecommunications, and computer curious to the Internet, telecommunications, and computer savvy.

* - Currently only available at our Westchase location.


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