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    Office-Home concept

"I don't understand.  What's the difference between this ‘Office-Home concept' and ‘Telecommuting'"?

Well, first of all, Walden Internet Villages offers BOTH an Office-Home AND a Telecommuting paradigm for working/living.  It's really just up to you as to which one YOU need to use.

The Office-Home concept is for residents who choose to conduct ALL their business from the Walden, taking full advantage of the internet connectivity to forego costly business overhead (rent costs), and save money by using their living space AS their working space. 

Walden Internet Villages is perfect for small businesses that want or need high-speed Internet access.  Using the Walden as an office, levels the playing field with the "Big Boys" that are already well established by


A common derivation of the Office-Home concept is for companies to set up their employees within our complex, no longer needing to assign them a desk/cubicle, thanks to our built-in internet access.  (Click on the graphic above for a multimedia sample of the Office-Home concept in action.)

allowing the small businesses to have access to the same resources that their larger competitors enjoy, but at a fraction of the cost.


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