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    Our Internet Philosophy

Every day, popular media bombards the public with the hype and promise of the latest telecommunications "buzzwords". While the potential is there, few of these "buzzword" ideas can happen without plenty of BANDWIDTH -- i.e. a massive "pipeline", or connection to the Internet.

If you've ever cruised the Information Superhighway using a conventional modem, you know how infuriatingly slow typical bandwidth "pipes" can be. The problem is not your computer--or the principles behind/concerning the Internet.  The problem is the size and speed of the pipe comprising your connection to the ‘Net.  Highly interactive (and/or multimedia-intensive) content requires large amounts of data, remotely accessible only with a high speed (high bandwidth) connection, or, in other words, a larger pipeline!

Typically, such high speed Internet pipes and network connections are simply are out of reach economically (except for the most elite corporate and university environments.)  This reality turns many of those media-driven telecommunications "buzzwords" into nothing more than inaccurate and exaggerated hype.

tv sopt

Click the graphic above to view a digitized version of our current TV commercial, a demonstration of our vision of the future as it relates to Walden Internet Villages.

Here at Walden Internet Villages, we have built a cutting-edge fiber-optic Fast Ethernet LAN  (a REALLY big pipe) to provide our residents with unsurpassed communications capabilities -- features
heretofore unavailable, to our knowledge, in any residential environment, AT ANY PRICE !

You can live in an "Office-Home" in a well-located, extraordinary environment of like minded individuals, while capable of interacting and communicating with the
world on a level without comparison.  (To date, environments such as now available to you at Walden Internet Villages have been unheard of in a residential setting.)


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