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"Telecommuting in the nineties can often be the  difference between having a JOB, and having a LIFE."

Unlike the "Office-Home concept", where the home BECOMES the office, "Telecommuting" is an integration of convenience between the two separate locations of office and home.  Residents can often, with very little knowledge required,  connect to the computer networks at their work or school, getting their work done without actually having to be at work.

Imagine these Telecommuting scenarios:

• You start a project at home (right when the idea hits you) and finish/continue it at work.

• You start a project at work and then finish it at home, ahead of schedule, over the weekend, OUT BY THE POOL....

• You have to buy that new something for work (or play) but you may never have to go the store again.


Click the graphic above for a multimedia testimonial of "telecommuting" in action.

• You check your email in the morning over breakfast, just so you know what (or who) is waiting for you when you get in.

• You have to do research for a project, but you no longer need to go to the library (or worse yet, wait on a your 28.8 modem to work.)

The bottom line is that most residents agree that when you can work more in the comfort of your own home, with maybe a few less times fighting Houston traffic, or having to stand in a line somewhere, the stress levels can go down, and the quality of life--your life--can go up.



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