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Walden Internet Villages is the integrated living Environment of the 21st Century

Our Medical Center location is the second Walden Internet Villages (WIV) in Houston and the USA. Launched in 1999, WIV-Medical Center  brings the unique Integrated Living Environment of Walden Internet Villages to the Medical community in Houston and to the thriving student populace of Rice, UH and St. Thomas. Wondering what we mean by Integrated Living Environment.?

 Imagine a home of the highest quality, crafted with the highest standards of design, both aesthetical and practical. Then, set that home in a tranquil and peaceful garden. Finally, add a 100 megabit switched network with a multi-gigabit backbone to enable communication and collaboration with your employer, family and friends, all from the comfort of your home, fully enjoying your designer living space and your garden oasis. That's our Integrated Living Environment.

What is unique about our Medical Center Location?

The second Walden Internet Village, our Medical Center location continues in the tradition of our original property, blossoming into a vibrant and unique community of technology enthusiasts, medical professionals and graduate students.

What do we mean by community, you may be asking? Simple. People are neighborly. People work together, play together, hang out together. Why? because they share the same interests, same passions, same professional interests. That's what our idea of community is all about, the coming together of like people.

There is a lot of rhetoric about how the Internet brings people from far and wide closer together. but in today's city life, for many there is no stranger person than the one who lives next door. We think that's wrong. We are uniquely using the Internet to bring people who are close together geographically closer together socially. We seriously doubt that any residence in the world (other than our other locations ) can make that claim.



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