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5151 Richmond Avenue   •  Houston  77056

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• e-mail:  info@waldenweb.com

office hours: M-F 9-6. Sat 10-5. Sun 12-5

Come, share in our dream!
Make that dream a reality for you - and for others !

Here, in Walden Internet Villages' unique, Total Living Environment you are positioned with the elements prerequisite to becoming a business-oriented, office-home equivalent or analog of a sophisticated university or corporate environment.

A Community of Extraordinary, Unusual and Interesting People

We have attracted a community of unusual and interesting people who can take advantage of new technologies and our high-speed LAN to create extraordinary office-home environments. With persons from many specialties such as graphic arts and CAD design, software and hardware design, geophysicists and geologists, medical specialists, Internet and mail-order marketing, executives and sales persons, and academics, our community is a source of inspiration and innovation.

Future Options

This complex is an unique environment. With cutting edge technology and a high-speed LAN, we offer an array of specialized services for our residents. We progressively investigate and implement services to promote a creative, energetic community. What ideas do you have ? Are you up to the challenge of implementing them ?


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Unique Corporate Training, Conferencing, Meeting Options for Corporations and Educational Institutions

With expressed interest, we have the capability to structure other possible services, such as: remote education and classroom links to both nearby schools and universities on a broad basis; broadcast-quality video conferencing; satellite up-link / down-links.

Open Environment

We foster an open environment where all types of people come together and develop to their fullest potential - from the savvy to the curious, we sponsor and support user and help groups - and encourage residents to develop innovative services for the community, or to become businesses in their own right.
What an environment to live in !


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